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About Us

Lezlie Thoroddsson


Producer of Lezlie's Showcase of Talent

Ever since Lezlie was a child, she enjoyed making people laugh. Lezlie has been the owner of Serenity Day Spa for over twenty-five years, and incorporates her good humor into her business. Lezlie has performed improvisational humor for the past ten years.

Come Laugh With Us!


We're an experienced group of entertainers who want to make your evening with a variety show of talent. Join us as we set out to take you away from your everyday life and help you see the possibilities. 

  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Comedy
  • Bands
  • And more...

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David Campbell


Associate Producer of Lezlie's Showcase of Talent

David has been in movies, including Relentless Justice, Deadly Prey, and Night Claws.